Using Video in HTML

As with the last page, I have started content without your consent. I also didn't use the controls flag so it starts up right away.  Unlike with the audio tag, there are some things you can do about it.  This all depends on your browser, but in Firefox, if you right-click on the video, you can pause it, mute it, change the playback speed, or even add the controls I neglected to add, myself. &npbs;Source elements can be external to the tag, just like with audio and like embedded images, you can also add height and width options exist to size the video.  You can also preload and loop video.  There are event scripts and all sorts of other things that can be associated with videos, but I don't feel like going into them.   Video, like audio, must be properly encoded to stream and HTML5 only supports MP4 h.264 with AAC or MP3 audio.  There are methods for streaming other filetypes, but that is beyond the scope of this example set.  I have put a few other videos below with controls for you to watch if you so desire.   Hopefully DMCA doesn't come hunt me down and kill me.

The Best Mind Since Einstein

Richard Feynman - Sir Douglas Robb Lectures

Photons - Corpuscles of Light
Fits Of Reflection And Transmission - Quantum Behaviour
Electrons And Their Interactions
New Queries

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