HTML Reference and Examples

I wanted to set up a web server on my home server.  This meant I had to learn HTML.   I am, by nature, rather forgetful.  Consequently, I decided I needed a set of examples I could refer to any time I needed a reminder as to how something worked.  While I was going through the HTML for Absolute Morons book, I built these pages with comments in the source to give me the reminders I needed.  If you are wanting to learn HTML, it may be worth a try simply going through these pages and then looking at my source.  When I am finished, I will probably zip everything up and make it a happy little downloadable package. Finished is a relative term, mind you.  I plan on updating this and making each page more descriptive.  That will complicate the source code and make me eventually break pages up into smaller ones, but that's my problem, not yours.  For that matter, this is for my reference, not yours so if you have a problem with it, go find a real tutorial.

Reference Pages

  1. Basic Lists
  2. Tables
  3. Pretty Things You Can See
  4. Things You Can Hear
  5. Things You Can Watch
  6. Currently Useless Forms